Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Specialist

I've been working in marketing and sales for 9+ years, and have loved it.

My Professional Background

During my time in the Reality and Property Management industries, I was primarily in charge of Marketing and Leasing departments. This consisted of planning and executing housing events, advertising campaigns (physical & digital), marketing strategies, data collection & analyzation, and of course goal tracking.

About Lawrence

I got my start in website design in early 2021 with Kyle Flynn and his company Moonlight N'Stuff. Prior to coming onboard I've worked in Housing and Real Estate. Ranging from student housing, private ownership and corporate owned. This opportunity was presented to me as a way to further my skills and abilities with marketing and web development.


  • SEO
  • Keyword Tracking
  • SEO Competitive Analysis & Tracking
  • SEO Error Resolution
  • Maintaining & Evolving SEO Strategy
  • Market Opportunity Identification
  • SEO Website Level Development
  • Improvement Metric Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Website Crawling
  • Copywriting / Content Creation

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