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Client Metrics

Changes since we started running digital marketing for our clients
(Data from 2019)
  • 20,350% Increase in Monthly Web Traffic
  • An Average of 850 Contact Conversions a Month
  • An Average of 5 New Customer Conversions a Week Through the Mobile App
  • 26% Increase in Revenue During the 1st Year
  • 2,500% Average Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)
  • 1,900% Total Return on Digital Marketing Investment
  • 1,250% Increase in Monthly Web Traffic
  • An Average of 48 Contact Conversions a Month
  • 12% Increase in Revenue During the 1st 7 Months
  • 1,300% Average Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)
  • 692% Total Return on Digital Marketing Investment

Marketing Services

Drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales, cost-effectively. There are many forms of online marketing, we help you choose and implement the combination that's best for your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Promote your websites by increasing visibility in search engine result pages primarily through PPC advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Drive traffic to your websites efficiently by only paying for the people that actually click on your ads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Advertise your content on social media to grow your brand, cultivate a larger audience of followers, and drive traffic.

Email Marketing

Promote your business with special promotions or offers, send out your newsletter, or reconnect with customers.

Content Marketing

Stimulate interest in products or services like yours without promoting your brand specifically.

Affiliate Marketing

Earning income every time you promote someone else's products or services.

Inbound Marketing

Attracting the attention of prospects, via content creation, before they are even ready to buy. It's one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers.

Mobile Marketing

50% of all internet traffic is generated by mobile devices now. Deliver ads effectively to them to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

App Marketing

Have your ads display while people are using the apps on their phone to engage with them on platforms they trust.

E-Commerce Marketing

Advertise specific products or whole product lines to increase sales and drive traffic to your online store.

B2B Marketing

Have your advertisements only appear to businesses that are in your target market.

B2C Marketing

Have your advertisements only appear to consumers with in your target market.

Influencer Marketing

Have your products or services promoted by trusted social media influencers. We help you identify the best ones for your business and help you get connected with them.

Marketing Automation

We automate certain parts of your marketing campaigns to give you a competitive edge and ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Lead Generation

Identify potential customers and target them for digital advertisements to drive them to your website and collect their contact information.

Data Collection & Analytics

Collect information on who visits your site like their age, gender, location, interests, search queries, etc. Find out what pages are popular and much much more.

Goal Tracking

We track the metrics that are most important to you and help create defined goals for you to work towards.

Competition Tracking

We'll keep an eye on your competition for you, inform you of big changes in their marketing, and help you stay competitive.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We work hard to optimize the conversion of web-traffic into the actions you're looking for like online purchases, contacting you, or sharing your pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Maximizing the number of visitors to your site by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Done primarily through Meta Data.

Special Business Features

These features were made with you and your business in mind.

100% Transparency

Know exactly what you're spending money on and how your campaigns are going at all times. We won't hide anything from you.

Progress Reports

Schedule progress reports over the phone or email to see how your marketing is performing from the expert's perspective.

Live Data Analysis Portal

We collect a lot of data for you and we want you to have access to all of it too. So we provide you with a Google Data Studio with live feeds for all your data & analytics.

Custom Built Ad Solutions

Every business needs different types of ads, so we build custom solutions for each of our clients to best meet their needs.

Expert Marketing Strategy

We are trained and experienced marketing experts that work hard to provide you with the best marketing strategies for your business and your budget.

Retainer Options

Save between 25% and 42% on long term projects with a retainer.

Targeted Advertisements

There's no limit to where we can advertise on the web. Our experienced marketers use a sophisticated AI to make sure your ads are placed effectively.
Search Ads
Your ads appears in the search results on Google depending on the keywords people use in their searches. So you get shown to the right people at the right time.
Display Ads
We track the hottest customer leads and show them ads wherever they may be across the web.
Video Ads
Any videos related to the auto body services you provide we can show your ads to the viewers.
App Ads
Promote your app by advertising it across the web and even on other apps!

Staying On A Budget Has Never Been Easier

We will work with you to find a suitable budget that is effective and within your price range. Once set, you'll never spend more than that!

So you can rest easy without any surprises.

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E-Commerce Marketing

Advertise on the platforms that matter most to your business.

Amazon Advertising

eBay Advertising

Facebook Shop Advertising

Instagram Shop Advertising

Google Shop Advertising

BigCommerce Advertising

Shopify Advertising

3d Cart Advertising

WooCommerce Advertising

Volusion Advertising

SMM - Social Media Marketing

Advertise on the platforms that matter most to your business.

YouTube Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Marketing Partnerships & Affiliations

Here's some of our digital marketing partners and affiliations. These valued partnerships increase our online market reach and provide our clients with advertising discounts.

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