Shon Christy

Shon Christy

Shon Christy

Social Media Expert & Founder of Shon Christy Social Media

About Shon Christy Social Media

Shon Christy Social Media is one of the most experienced social media agencies in Ohio. With nearly a decade of direct social media work regionally, nationally and even internationally, we have a long track record of delivering a high return on investment in the social media space. We know social media. We know business. And, we know that at their core, both are about helping people find what they need.

About Shon Christy

Shon Christy boasts almost 20 years of marketing experience with a decade of that experience specifically in social media and is the Founder and President of Shon Christy Social Media.  In 2010 he opened Christy Creative Ohio's first niche social media marketing firm and has founded and sold 2 firms since that time.  He is the current President of Shon Christy Social Media where he focuses predominantly on social media strategy, training, and consulting.  His work has been featured in Inside Business; Smart Business; the Akron Beacon Journal; Spirit of Philanthropy; The Young Professional Roadmap; and was featured in the book Under the Rustbelt - Revealing Innovation in Northeast Ohio.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Training
  • LinkedIn Sales Training
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media for LIVE Special Events
  • Social Media Paid Advertising

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