The Foundry

An on-demand custom print product website that generates print files onsite and sends them to two different locations across the country where they are produced and shipped directly to the customer.

What We Did

Research & Strategy

Custom eCommerce Product Development

Custom Product Builder

Web Development

User Testing

What We Made

The Challenge.

Create a B2C website where users can customize LED and Metal print products and sell directly to the user. Complete integration into the eCommerce platform meant that it needed to be directly integrated with two different print facilities, customizations needed to be properly stored, and customer-generated files needed to be print ready.

How We Achieved Success.

After a careful review of eCommerce platforms, we determined the most robust with consideration for custom product plugins. We integrated the site with the companies various print facilities and created a no-waste system where products are made to order.

Our Results.’s products are easily navigable and customized by users to be shipped directly to their door.


The Foundry


The Story:

Overall Results:

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