ONYX Health Club

A health club website that integrates with membership management software, tracks new leads & sales, and supports apparel eCommerce integration.

What We Did

Research & Strategy

Website Development

Membership Platform Integration

eCommerce Platform Integration

Custom Form Development

Google Sheets Website Database

Automation of Membership & Prospect Data

Administration Platform showing detailed website information and statistics

What We Made

The Challenge.

ONYX Health Club needed a strong brand identity and online presence that organically generated new leads, integrated with the Paramount gym membership system new leads and membership sales, and supported a custom eCommerce apparel store integration.

How We Achieved Success.

To achieve excellence, forms & email notifications were automated, putting prospect data into an email marketing and Google Ads system. There exists a Google Sheet website database to track sales, leads, emails, event members, job applicants, eCommerce sales, and new employee emails. New leads are integrated with membership platform Paramount.

Our Results.

onyxhealthclub.com helps drive membership sales both organically and through digital marketing driving operational excellence.


ONYX Health Club


ONYX's goals are to create brand awareness through website traffic, generate leads, and increase online membership sales. Using a robust combination of advertisement media through Google Ad campaigns, we consistently create and optimize their campaigns with the seasonal industry climate to achieve the client’s goals.


Online Membership Sales


Leads Generated


Website Visitors

The Story:

Prior to our involvement with ONYX they had no digital marketing presence. Their website was slow and was branded differently than the company. After we rebuilt their website, automated their lead forms across their locations, and integrated their online membership sales with their ERP system (Paramount) we began marketing efforts. We run a mix of SEM, Display, & Video marketing campaigns that target the geo-graphic areas around each ONYX location. These campaigns continually optimize for the various conversion goals ONYX has. We do this alongside SEO campaigns for organic traffic growth and email marketing campaigns to continue to engage with prospects and members. This has resulted in a tremendous return for ONYX.

Online Membership Sales

This is just the online sales we could directly attribute to our marketing efforts. This does not include any of the sales that resulted in person membership sales. In total 1,800+ memberships were sold resulting in this metric. During this same time period approximately $90k was spent on campaign ad spend. That's a 738% ROAS (return on ad spend), for just directly attributable membership sales.

Leads Generated

These leads comprise of phone calls and website submitted lead forms. Before we started working with ONYX they relied entirely on in-person visits for lead generation. Now we have leads directly calling their locations, submitting website forms that are emailed to a location's sales representatives, and populates their ERP system (Paramount). They receive on average 66 leads/day that are attributed to their website and digital marketing campaigns. Since our campaigns went live we have generated nearly 50k leads for ONYX.

Website Visitors

This is the total number of users that visited their website from Sept. 2021 - May 2023. Surpassing their prior website's yearly total of 10k users. Our digital marketing campaigns resulted in 100K visits to the website and 12 million brand impressions. All within our targeted geo-graphical areas. The rest of the traffic was driven to the website through SEO and Email marketing efforts. Effectively saturating ONYX's markets and competing with national brands.

Overall Results:

The owner of ONYX was kind enough to leave a Google review with the following: "One of the best in the business hands down! Would recommend to a start up or a large enterprise." - Emil Gamidov

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