Bizowie ERP Integrations with Desperate Enterprise

Bizowie Cloud ERP is an encompassing platform that contains CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, and Distribution modules along with other advanced modules to allow company growth and ease of use. Bizowie Cloud ERP allows companies to have advanced triggers, reports, and internal systems built within their program using their Developer Tool Kit.

What We Did

The Challenge.

Providing professional consultation and timely development within the Bizowie Cloud ERP system, and meeting the company's standards and operational requirements proved to be the main challenges in this project.

How We Achieved Success.

Our Results.

Bizowie Cloud ERP consultation and development helps with maintaining a high level of efficiency within the companies day to day practices. Customized Reports are tailored toward the company allowing a more fluid transition from Point-of-Sale to Shipment. Customized Triggers allow automation for time-consuming tasks to be completed on completion/entry/opening of an order/shipment/fulfillment and other programs. We are now able to provide lifelong maintenance of their reports and 24/7 support for any customizations or general knowledge.


Bizowie ERP Integrations with Desperate Enterprise


The Story:

Overall Results:

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