Atlas One Insurance is an informative insurance website that utilizes a comprehensive online form to convert leads into insurance rates.

What We Did

Research & Strategy

Web Development

Custom Form Development & Integration

User Testing

AI Chat Integration

Integration with Salt

  • A form system for insurance brokers and agencies
  • Directly integrates with multiple brokerage insurance platforms

The Challenge.

Needed was a website that was a comprehensive wiki-style website to inform users as well as convert qualified leads. Using an advanced form with conditional logic provided the brokerage firm with the information needed to generate a quote custom to the user.

How We Achieved Success.

Together with the Atlas One team, we created an online database of information and form that guides users of all levels towards a more affordable insurance quote with a super-usable online form that can evolve along with an ever-changing field.

Our Results. is a user-friendly source of information that allows people to make informed decisions and receive their best home/auto/etc. insurance quote(s) without the hassle of shopping insurance companies separately.


Atlas One Insurance


The Story:

Overall Results:

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